Poetry Made by Women will Sound Strong in the FILM 2019

Poetry will be one of the protagonists in the International Book Fair of Bogotá. In the thirty-second edition of the event, some of the most relevant poets of today will participate. It is a selection of guests from different generations who, through their verses, explore different themes and propose new aesthetic approaches to the poetic exercise in the space called Poetry is the voice of all.

Among the guests to be part of this space highlights the presence of important female voices. One of them is that of the Argentinean Diana Bellessi, winner of the National Poetry Prize of her country in 2011, who cemented her career after the dictatorial times of her homeland.

She will participate in the conversation Images of the floating world, a reflection on writing that travels through light and shadow and seeks to unravel, through contact with reality, the meaning of existence. In addition, he will read some poems from his latest book Fuerte.

Another guest will be the Chilean Elvira Hernández, a symbol for all those who from culture seek to raise their voice against repression. His poem La Bandera de Chile, which was written after his imprisonment during the Pinochet dictatorship, has become a standard that was passed from hand to hand during those years.

Hernández will be part of the poetry as the sting of his time table, which will discuss how the poetic is an instrument to create other forms of resistance. Also, he will read some of his poems in the table “The works and the days”.

From Portugal, the fair will feature Rosa María Martelo and Filipa Leal and all the sensitivity of their poetic works. Martelo will talk about the poetry that is written in his mother tongue in the meeting Lo Amamos by Adilia Lopes and contemporary Portuguese poetry. For his part, Leal will participate in the conversation ” Lighting is just around the corner, a dissertation on the idea of lighting and the way in which everyday life gives questions and answers to those who know how to observe.

The Colombian quota will be in charge of Catalina González, Mery Yolanda Sánchez and Yenny León, who will explore the way in which women contribute to creating a more just world from their creative and poetic forces. This will be a series of three talks in which the poets Renata Durán, Alejandra Lerma, Amparo Osorio, Orietta Lozano and Margarita Losada will also participate.

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