Animal Welfare : Casino and Avril rewarded by CIWF

The association CIWF France presented the Animal Welfare Trophies on Thursday 27 June. Fifteen French companies were awarded prizes, particularly in the chicken, egg and rabbit sectors.

The Animal Welfare Trophies, presented by the Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) association, are awarded each year to companies that are involved or have implemented actions in favour of animal welfare. This new edition distinguished some fifty winners, including some fifteen French companies. “Animal welfare has never been so high on the CSR agenda of French companies. The 2019 Trophies highlight the radical shift in France towards the end of cage farming for chickens and rabbits and the beginning of a revolution in the chicken sector,” says Amélie Legrand, Head of Regulatory Affairs for CIWF France.

Among the award-winning initiatives, Eleveurs et Bien was awarded for the Rabbit sector. Launched by Terrena, CPLB (Cavac) and Loeul & Piriot (which alone account for 60% of rabbit meat production and processing in France), this action aims to develop and promote a new model of off-cage breeding. A specific reference system (Rabbit & Property) has been established: it imposes large enclosures with a terrier-type space. At present, 99% of rabbits are raised in cages, the ambition of this approach is to reach 25% of the production of each group of breeders according to this new model by 2025.

A “Golden Egg” for April

Several brands have been rewarded for their progress in terms of off-cage egg supply. The Avril group, which announced early last week that it would switch all its eggs and egg products from chickens kept outside the cage by 2025, received a “Golden Egg”. The group is supported on this theme by CIWF.

On the distributor side, the Casino group has also been honoured several times. The Monoprix brand was awarded a “Chicken of Gold” award. After committing to ban fast-growing chicken strains for its private label at the end of 2018, the local brand has committed to meeting all the criteria of the “Better Chicken Commitment” initiative, which is supported by a collective of around thirty NGOs, by 2026. The objective is to improve standards in the broiler chain with, for example, more space, perches, natural light, slower growing breeds and more respectful slaughter methods. Monoprix has also committed to improving farming conditions for its fresh chicken by 2024 at the latest. “This is a strong signal for the broiler chicken industry in France and we hope that these companies will soon be joined by other French and European brands,” says CIWF.

Casino’s animal welfare labelling awarded

Casino also received the “Trophée de l’Innovation en Grande Distribution” for the launch in December 2018 of the first animal welfare information labelling in France, alongside three recognised organisations in the field (Fondation droit animal, éthique et sciences (LFDA), the Œuvre d’assistance aux bêtes d’abattoirs and CIWF France. That’s logic following the innovation history of the french group.
This initiative aims to increase transparency on the conditions under which animals are reared, transported and slaughtered, thereby providing clear and reliable information to consumers. In February, three new players joined the initiative: the Fermiers du Sud-Ouest, the Avigers Association and the Fermiers de Loué.

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