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Iran has shot down an “unidentified” drone in a coastal area of the Gulf

The aircraft was flying “in the sky of Bandar-é Mahchahr”, in Khouzestan province. The Iranian army shot dead an “unidentified” drone on Friday, November 8, in the region of Bandar-e- Mahchahr, a... Read more »

Outbreak of xenophobic violence in South Africa: What happened ?

MICHELE SPATARI / AFP The violence targeted African immigrant communities, particularly Nigerians, accused of being responsible for the country’s high unemployment rate. In Johannesburg, the return to normalcy is gradually beginning. Since... Read more »
Ethical hacker & Bug Bounty Security Program

Tech Job : The Ethical Hacker

If you’ve watched any spy movies or action movies I’m sure you know what hacking is. Hacking is where you breach a database and take information and is used for many different... Read more »